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Defense Attorneys at Blakeslee Rop Minimize the Impact when Good People Make Bad Choices

Everybody makes mistakes. But when a mistake results in an arrest and criminal charges, the impact is far reaching and long lasting, affecting a person's employment, credit and freedoms. Don't let your mistake make a bigger impact than necessary. Defense attorneys at Blakeslee Rop focus on helping individuals get back on their feet and minimize the damage of being charged with a crime.

We understand that one bad choice doesn't make a person a criminal. We work with the system, negotiating with prosecutors and law enforcement, to achieve better results than most people can achieve on their own. Many times we are even able to prevent a conviction from appearing on your permanent record.

Because of our experience and skill, Blakeslee Rop defense attorneys are frequently able to achieve positive results for clients facing criminal charges including:

  • Reduced charges
  • Dropped charges
  • Minimal sentencing
  • Alternative sentencing
  • Protection of rights
  • Preventing additional or unwarranted charges

Blakeslee Rop defense attorneys regularly assist clients facing charges such as:

  • Marijuana possession and other drug charges
  • Theft, shoplifting, trespassing, burglary and related charges
  • Embezzlement and workplace theft charges
  • DUI and drunk driving charges
  • Charges against juveniles

Protecting Your Rights — the First Step to Minimizing Damage

It's natural to feel ashamed or guilty when you know you've done something wrong and want to get it over as quickly as possible by confessing to police, pleading guilty and paying the penalty. But it's important to realize that the effects of a criminal conviction go beyond a fine or a few nights in jail. A DUI charge, for example could result in suspension of your driver's license, which often impacts a person's ability to get to work. And there's no reason a normally law-abiding citizen should have to pay the same price as a career criminal for a one-time mistake. Without the assistance of a defense attorney, confessing to police or pleading guilty can make your situation worse than it needs to be, sometimes resulting in increased or additional charges. The first step in minimizing the impact of an arrest or criminal charge is to protect your rights and get the assistance of an experienced attorney.

If you've been arrested or charged with a crime, the defense attorneys at Blakeslee Rop advise the following to protect your rights and ensure the best outcome possible for your case:

  • Contact your attorney immediately or respectfully insist on your right to have an attorney appointed to you
  • Do NOT talk to police without your attorney present
  • Do NOT accept a plea bargain or plead guilty to any charge unless advised to do so by your attorney
  • Do NOT consent to a search of your home or car without a search warrant
  • Do NOT argue or fight with police, jailors or prosecutors
  • Be polite and respectful in all dealings with law enforcement, prosecutors and judges — these are the people who may ultimately decide to reduce or drop charges or recommend a reduced sentence
  • Do NOT lie to police, prosecutors or judges

Need a Defense Attorney to Represent You in the Rockford, Michigan Area?

Defense attorneys at Blakeslee Rop have the experience and know-how to protect your rights and get the best results possible for your case. Call our Rockford office and speak to an experienced defense attorney today: (616) 866-9593.

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