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Jason M. Rop

Fax: (616) 866-3866
Jason Rop is the principal of Blakeslee Rop, PLC. He lives in Rockford with his wife, Shannon, and their children. He has been practicing law in Northern Kent County since 2008, joining the firm when it was known as “Blakeslee Fry & Scales, PLC… Read More
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Sophie E. Pierce

Fax: (616) 866-3866
Sophie Pierce is an associate at Blakeslee Rop, PLC, having joined the firm in early 2021. Sophie grew up in the city of Chicago and moved to Rockford her sophomore year of high school. Read More
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Kary C. Frank (Retired)

Fax: (616) 866-3866
Kary Frank practiced primarily estate planning and administration, business and real estate transactions, construction law and related litigation. He graduated from Big Rapids High School (1966). Thereafter he was drafted, and served in the U.S. Army… Read More
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Neil C. Blakeslee

Fax: (616) 866-3866
Neil Blakeslee is of counsel at Blakeslee Rop, and is no longer actively practicing law. He remains active and involved in the Rockford community that has been his lifelong home. He graduated from Rockford High School in 1966 and from the University… Read More
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Professional Staff

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Betsy Faulkner

Fax: (616) 866-3866
Betsy has built and maintained unparalleled relationships with our clients throughout the years. She is proficient in all areas of the firms practice but her responsibilities are focused around estate planning, probate, litigation, criminal defense a… Read More
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Carly DuVall

Fax: (616) 866-3866
Carly has a great deal of experience in accounting and general legal administration, which provides her with a broad spectrum of expertise when handling various responsibilities for our clients. In addition to assisting attorneys in the estate planni… Read More
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